středa 25. září 2019

The Beginner-Friendly Python Editor

Thonny: The Beginner-Friendly Python Editor
Darren Jones - 9 Lessons
Metodicky výborně koncipovaný kurz Pythonu najdete na adrese:

Cituji z úvodního textu ke kurzu:
"Every programmer needs a place to write their code. This course will cover an awesome tool called Thonny that will enable you to start working with Python in a beginner-friendly environment.
Thonny is a free Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that was especially designed with the beginner Pythonista in mind. Specifically, it has a built-in debugger that can help when you run into nasty bugs, and it allows you to do step-through expression evaluation, among other really awesome features.
Co se v kurzu dozvíte:
In this course, you’ll learn:
- How to install Thonny on your computer
- How to navigate Thonny’s user interface to use its built-in features
- How to use Thonny to write and run your code
- How to use Thonny to debug your code
Detailní pohled na osnovu kurzu rozděleného do 9-ti lekcí:
1. Thonny: The Beginner-Friendly Python Editor (Overview) (00:26)
2. Install Thonny (05:27)
3. Thonny's User Interface (04:28)
4. Run Scripts With Thonny (00:59)
5. Step Through Simple Scripts (05:42)
6. Step Through Complex Scripts (04:13)
7. Other Features in Thonny (07:56)
8. Create and Debug With Thonny (04:18)
9. Thonny: The Beginner-Friendly Python Editor (Summary) (00:57)
By the end of this course, you’ll be comfortable with the development workflow in Thonny and ready to use it for your Python learning. So what is Thonny? Great question!"